Thursday, September 11, 2014

George Linkert speaks to the Mound Council

I was very fortunate in November 2012 to have the Mound city manager invite me to come speak about some of the topics written about here to the city council. I spent a lot of time preparing material to talk mostly about the fast streets of Mound, and the lack of on street parking in it's downtown and at Surfside park.

This video was available for a year at the local cable access website, but it isn't anymore. Fortunately, I obtained a DVD of that meeting, and have made it available again online.

This is just my 17 minute presentation from that day. I will post the discussion I had with the city council in another week or so.

Please share this video and website with your friends and family in Mound. Let them know I'm running for city council in November. And let's work together to get Mound to build places for people.

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