Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Whoops - Missing Sidewalk

We've been delaying this whoops, just hoping this was going to be a temporary situation during construction. But it looks like indeed, the City of Mound really doesn't want you to walk here. Which should be so shocking, as the city doesn't really expect anyone to walk to Walgreens when it is finished anyway.
People shouldn't bother being here.
This sidewalk closing really bothers us. Here we have the city and county showing us what the priorities are, and it's not with people. It's all about having cars drive through Mound, and if you want to walk by here, well, you can take a hike. (literally)

It's ok! He and his child is in the "Pedestrian Safety Zone".
This is truly very sad. Why can't a pedestrian lane be created here? Here are some reasons we can think of...

  • It's too hard
  • People aren't important
  • Someone was too lazy

If I had a business on either of of this closed sidewalk, we would be upset. If we were a customer who had to walk around this mess, we would be upset. If we ran the city, and the county let this happen on our main commercial road, we would be upset.

This is something else that is not the fault of one person. The developer knew this was going to happen, and the city let them. We should be better than this.