Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Whoops - Light posts

Some mistakes are simple oversights, like the unseen sign outside Caribou. Other mistakes take a lot more effort, and a lot of people should be embarrassed about them, like poles in sidewalks.

Pole in sidewalk on Bellaire, west of the Westonka Library.
A lot of people have their handprints all over these mistakes. From the original design, to the surveyors, to the builders and installers of sidewalks and poles. Most of these people either didn't look closely enough to see what was going to happen here, or when they was what was going to happen, didn't think it mattered.

Pole in sidewalk on Commerce, in front of Jubilee.
Well it does matter. These mistakes are telling pedestrians and bicyclists who may use them that they aren't important, and are more of an afterthought.

Unfortunately, these are not easy fixes. These lightpoles are the worse, as they were just installed within the last couple years (and don't get me wrong, I love them! Their efficient and attractive, and add some nice value to our streets)

How would I fix them? Well... it won't happen on these streets for a long time, but someday these sidewalks will be reconstructed, and I would  have the city switch the sidewalk space, for the grass strip, and put the grass strip between the sidewalk and the street. The poles can stay where they are, and would end up in the strip of grass.

Pole in sidewalk on Commerce in front of Verizon.
Unfortunately, this isn't likely to happen for some time.