Thursday, October 18, 2012

What if it Fails?


Ever since the prospects of development of Auditors Road has opened up in August, the city seems excited for the prospect of having a hotel being built in Mound. It is brought up with breathless excitement at every city council meeting. Let's think about hotels for a minute....

Reasons why Mound would want a hotel,
- Could be unique business in the area, as the closest hotel (besides the Lafayette Club and the proposed hotels in Excelsior and Wayzata) in the area is in Long Lake.
- Visitors to the area would spend money locally (we hope)
- A place for friends and family to stay

Reasons why a hotel would be a bad development
- Large building in town would be of limited use for local population... it's not a place Mound residents would be staying at.
- Lots of strangers in town, especially on weekends, that might change the environment and culture.
- Limited use building that would be a big eyesore if the hotel business failed.

It's that last point I tend to focus on... what happens to the building if a hotel business fails? It's not likely to turn into a shoe store, or some other retail. Some communities try to change a hotel to apartments, but that can be difficult  and very expensive with the lack of cooking facilities hotel rooms usually lack.

As Mound receives ideas for this development  it needs to think big picture, and long term. The facilities built will last longer than most of us will be around, and we need to set up a downtown that can be successful  for decades and have buildings that are resilient, and can be adaptable to future business.