Monday, October 1, 2012

Thrive MSP

Last week I attended a Metropolitan Council meeting where they are gathering input for their plans and goals for 2040. You can see some details on their website for future meetings.

They really were just looking for people's ideas. After a 5 minute prepared introduction about what the Met Council was seeking, they really just let people speak on pretty much whatever they wanted. They recorded the event, as well as have staff take notes on everything.

Some of the topics that came up included affordable housing, transit, bus service, light rail, and bicycle and pedestrian safety. People had suggestions about how industrial areas could be improved, and how streets can be more people friendly. There were some various city and county officials there too, talking about better communication lines between their organizations. It was very positive time spent, and it was good to see the Met Council seeking input.

If you can't make one of their meetings, you can still give them input online. It important they get everyone's perspective on regional issues, as we do complete with other areas like Denver, Portland, and St. Louis.

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