Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Showcase - WeCAN


It is an unfortunate fact that many people struggle day to day with just trying to provide basic necessities for their families. Due to circumstances in life, people find themselves without a job, and then without healthcare. Childcare because a big issue for young, struggling families. Also, in todays auto-centric world, people need to deal with the struggles of trying to get to work with a car (that we count on being insured) that they hope to high heaven doesn't break down, because they won't know what to do then.

Mound is fortunate to have a great organization like WeCAN (Western Communities Action Network) to support people and families with these, and other issues. They will assist families with food needs, transportation issues, people looking for work, and connect people in need with the necessary services and programs to help them get through rough times. As their mission says, it's "Neighbors helping neighbors".

One of it's big efforts this last year is the WeCAB program, which is a supplemental transportation service. It consists of volunteers from the community who will provide short rides to those who cannot drive them self to an appointment. It doesn't replace dial-a-ride, but supplements it, and it's run entirely on volunteers and donations.

We-CAN is a great organization that makes Mound a great place.

Looking ahead - tomorrow we are asking our readers and followers to do something. "A Place in Mound" is not just about talking, but about taking ACTION in simple and easy ways, as well as some harder ways. If you want a change to come about Mound, it's going to require more than just talking about it, or making a statement at the city council, or collecting signatures. It's about finding old coats and bringing them to your local church for the coat drive, finding value in shopping and supporting our local businesses, and engaging city staff and officials in discussions. Tomorrow is about ACTION. ~ GML4

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