Monday, October 15, 2012

Questionnaire - Ray Salazar

On November 6, Mound citizens will be going to the polls to vote for several offiices, including Mound City Council. Mound City Councilors serve four year terms. Danene Provencher, Ray Salazar and Heidi Gesch are running for two seats.

A Place in Mound sent a questionnaire to all the candidates of the Mound City Council. The questions focused on the issues we bring up here regularly like places and streets.

All three candidates responded, and I will share one each day for the next three days in the following randomly selected order.

Monday - Ray Salazar

Questions are in bold, Ray Salazar's responses in regular type -

What is your favorite “Place” in Mound, and why?
My favorite place in Mound is the "Surfside" park it is our "Crown Jewel" of our parks.  My favorite season is Summer and Surfside park is the location of our city Summer activities: music in the park and the Spirit of the Lakes Festival.  Our Surfside park offers: the our Lake, Beach, grassy area for picnics and childrens playing equipment. Surfside park is a great place to play, relax and visit with old friends and make some new friends as well.

Can you talk about a “Place” in Mound that could use more attention and resources? 
One place in our town that may need some attention is the former shoe store accross from Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church on Commerce.  This building has been vacant for years and unfortunately is not the most attractive building. This building is privately held so any improvements and / or new construction would be at the choice of the owner.

Tell us about a favorite Mound event of yours. 
My favorite Season is Summer and my favorite city event is the Spirit of the Lakes Festival! This year the Festival was longer the usual in Celebration of our city's 100 year anniversary our Centenail Celebration.  Many activities were held including a NEW activity: Volks March! Starting at our Mound Green Way ( my second favorite Mound place) offering a 5 k walk with a medalion after completion for the walker. My favorite part / s of the Spirit of the Lakes Festival is both the OUTSTANDING FIREWORKS SHOW ( Best on the Lake) and the GRAND PARADE!

What do you think Mound residents can do to help improve Mound? 
Ther are MANY things we can do for our town. Ask yourself  and / or City Council member what can I do for my town that I live in and raise my children in to be better? You may want to consider volunteering? Volunteering at a Mound City event? Volunteering to help clean up one of our many city parks? Volunteering at the Gillespie center, school or your Church of worship? When you volunteer you give of yourself and your time and labor, the feeling of giving is great! Our Mound Citizens should be PROUD of their town, we are community of great people, we have much to offer!

MSA streets like Three Points Blvd and Tuxedo Blvd are__________. b) just fine.
a) too slow
b) just fine.
c) too fast.
The MSA streets are desigened to move more traffic and / or Emergency vehicles and City vehicles from one part of town to the other.

When looking at commercial and neighborhood developments, and redevelopments, Mound should consider the property tax implications. a) TRUE
a) True
b) False
When property is reconstructed it's use is improved for a bigger and better use which will result in a short period of time a greater tax value helping our city and schools.

On street parking should be considered for some events on Surfside Park. TRUE
a) True
b) False
On street parking by Surfside Park would be convenient. However, Given the amount of traffic and higher vehicle speeds, adding the unique angle of the road at this location that passes Sufside park I feel it is UNSAFE for parking. Parking should only be allowed in isolated cases such as the Centenial Celebration this Summer where a large number of police where present actively directing traffic.