Sunday, October 21, 2012

Questionnaire - Mark Regan

On November 6, Mound citizens will be going to the polls to vote for several offiices, including Mound Mayor. Mound Mayor serve two year terms. Mark Hanus and Mark Regan are running for the position.

A Place in Mound sent a questionnaire to the candidates of Mound Mayor. The questions focused on the issues we bring up here regularly like places and streets.

Both candidates responded, and I will share one each day for the next two days in the following randomly selected order.

Saturday - Mark Hanus - His responses
Sunday - Mark Regan

Questions are in bold, Mark Regan's responses in regular type -

What is your favorite “Place” in Mound, and why?
To be honest, I don't have one favorite place. My wife and I really enjoy going to Carbone's, Porta Del Sol and Scotty B's. We also enjoy taking walks around Three Points Blvd and other areas of Mound.
Can you talk about a “Place” in Mound that could use more attention and resources? 
The Mound Harbor District. I believe the area has much potential for retail and/or recreation.
Tell us about a favorite Mound event of yours. 
I really enjoy Spirit of the Lakes and Music in the Park.

What do you think Mound residents can do to help improve Mound? 
Become more involved in city affairs; let their opinions be known. There are a lot of people in this city with great ideas or who have knowledge and experience that could be beneficial to helping the city solve many of its problems. We need to hear from these people.
MSA streets like Three Points Blvd and Tuxedo Blvd are__________. 
a) too slow
b) just fine.
c) too fast.
... in terrible need of repair (re-surfacing). Particularly Three Points Blvd and Bartlett

When looking at commercial and neighborhood developments, and redevelopments, Mound should consider the property tax implications. a) TRUE
a) True
b) False
True, of course. Any development project which has an impact on property taxes should, I believe, enhance property values.

On street parking should be considered for some events on Surfside Park.
a) True
b) False
I feel street parking should be allowed for all community events at Surfside Park