Saturday, October 13, 2012

Questionnaire - Heidi Gesch

On November 6, Mound citizens will be going to the polls to vote for several offiices, including Mound City Council. Mound City Councilors serve four year terms. Danene Provencher, Ray Salazar and Heidi Gesch are running for two seats.

A Place in Mound sent a questionnaire to all the candidates of the Mound City Council. The questions focused on the issues we bring up here regularly like places and streets.

All three candidates responded, and I will share one each day for the next three days in the following randomly selected order.

Saturday - Heidi Gesch

Questions are in bold, Heidi Gesch's responses in regular type -

What is your favorite "Place" in Mound, and why?
It is tough for me to chose only one favorite "place" in Mound. I prefer to spend time outdoors and have to choose one of the many outdoor attractions in Mound. My husband and I, with our dog Reagan, regularly walk along the Greenway (Andrews Sisters Trail) and continue onto the Dakota Rail Trail either east or west. I choose this "loop" that I walk to be my favorite "place" in Mound. On a short walk we enjoy views of Lake Minnetonka, perennial flowers along the Greenway, the man-made waterfall/stream near the Transit Center, and the wooded area along the Dakota Rail Trail.

Can you talk about a "Place" in Mound that could use more attention and resources?
The Auditors Road area - or district - is important and we look forward to positive development in this area.

Tell us about a favorite Mound event of yours.
The Spirit of the Lakes Festival - For a few days every summer it really illustrates the reason my husband and I so enjoy living in Mound - it still has that small town feel. Spending time at Surfside enjoying music, the parade, neighbors, connecting with the community, and topping it all off with fantastic fireworks.

What do you think Mound residents can do to help improve Mound?
Find opportunities to volunteer in Mound. I think that when we volunteer we take pride in our community. Volunteering at a neighborhood park clean-up, the Spirit of the Lakes Festival, Adopt-a-Greenspace, and WeCab are just a few examples of the many opportunities we have.

Please finish the following sentences and comment if you would like.
MSA streets like Three Points Blvd and Tuxedo Blvd are -- b) just fine.
a) too slow.
b) just right.
c) too fast.
The choices given as answers to this question (too slow, just fine, too fast) imply that it is only addressing the speed of the MSA streets. I feel that the posted speed on these streets is not a problem.

When looking at commercial and neighborhood developments, and redevelopments, Mound should consider the property tax implications.
a) True
b) False
In today's economy, when constantly keeping our eye on the budget, in all areas, I think that one always asks, "How is this financially beneficial or detrimental?" - weighing the pros and cons. However, that is not the only question asked when looking at commercial and neighborhood development and redevelopment.

On street parking should be considered for some events on Surfside Park.
a) True
b) False
I think that their could be a conversation about the safety of allowing on street parking for some events at Surfside Park. I personally have not experienced a problem with the parking at Surfside. I do not mind a short walk from an "off-site" parking location. If parking at the lot at the Depot and the lot near the boat launch is expected to be crowded during a well attended event I would want to make sure that there are ample spaces and/or a drop-off area for people with limited mobility.