Sunday, October 14, 2012

Questionnaire - Danene Provencher

On November 6, Mound citizens will be going to the polls to vote for several offiices, including Mound City Council. Mound City Councilors serve four year terms. Danene Provencher, Ray Salazar and Heidi Gesch are running for two seats.

A Place in Mound sent a questionnaire to all the candidates of the Mound City Council. The questions focused on the issues we bring up here regularly like places and streets.

All three candidates responded, and I will share one each day for the next three days in the following randomly selected order.

Questions are in bold, Danene Provencher's responses in regular type -

What is your favorite “Place” in Mound, and why?
The newly named, Surfside Park. I have fond memories of taking my son when he was small and recently my grandson there. I love to see the community activity, such as picnicking, swimming, volleyball, music and relaxing at the park when I drive by.

Can you talk about a “Place” in Mound that could use more attention and resources? 
If feasible, I am hopeful that the planning commission can help recruit new businesses for the empty buildings where businesses have left.

Tell us about a favorite Mound event of yours. 
The annual Spirit of the Lakes parade. I am fortunate to live on the parade route and admire the community spirit as neighbors and friends join together to enjoy watching the parade and to see the thrill of the children collecting candy and other items. It is also a good way to be introduced to the various candidates running during an election cycle and other community organizations.

What do you think Mound residents can do to help improve Mound? 
Communicate with their elected officials and participate by holding the elected officials accountable for the decisions before them.

MSA streets like Three Points Blvd and Tuxedo Blvd are__________. b) just fine.
a) too slow
b) just fine.
c) too fast.

When looking at commercial and neighborhood developments, and redevelopments, Mound should consider the property tax implications. a) TRUE
a) True
b) False
Decisions should benefit our community, so yes, this makes sense. Other factors to consider for new development would be livable wage, supporting more "mom and pop" shops over multinational corporations to keep the small town atmosphere, keep existing structures instead of clogging landfills and providing annual citizen surveys inquiring on what kind of businesses the community desires.

On street parking should be considered for some events on Surfside Park. TRUE
a) True
b) False
Yes, as long as citizens are respectful of traffic flow