Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Inspirations - Porchfest


Imagine walking around town, and hearing a variety of music as you walked down the street! They have this event in Ithica, NY every year having mostly acoustic bands play on porches and yards in the neighborhood. Looking around on the web, it appears this is also happening in other cities as well.

This reminds me of a day of our first summer here in Mound in 2006. Our neighbor was a musician and had a band. We had heard him rehearse in the basement on occasion  and thought they were pretty good. At one point, his band was setting up in the yard facing Emerald Lake. We inquired, and he shared that his band was going to play for the lake users. Part of us was really intrigued, and excited about hearing this music, though we also had concerns as we had little kids with an early bedtime.

When evening came along, his band started playing, and it was fun. Boaters would hoot and cheer as they boated by. Some stopped to listen. The band only got in a couple songs before the police came, and shut down the fun as clearly someone called to complain about the noise.

I think my wife and I were honestly looking forward to more music, and was disappointed the band had to stop.

Perhaps the city of Mound can look to Porchfest as an example of creating a civic event that highlights it's neighborhoods. I love the idea of being able to stroll around a neighborhood park while a band plays from a nearby porch or yard.... or even taking my neighbors event, and have a series of bands playing on the lake! Boats can stop to listen, or slowly cruise by.

Another idea could be do have a bunch of bands out on properties on Cooks Bay the night of the Spirit of the Lakes fireworks show(it's going to be noisy anyway!). How fun would it be to create an atmosphere to boat from one side of Cooks Bay, to the other, listening to one band in the Highland area, then another on the Island, and then someone else is playing near the Lost Lake Channel.

It's events like this, Dog Days Westonka, and Spirit of the Lakes that make Mound a better Place. Let's find a way to have Porchfest in Mound!