Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whoops! - Sign problem

Everyone makes mistakes, including our own dear officials in Mound. Since I've noticed this problem, it bugs me almost everytime we drive by here.

There is a monument sign outside Caribou Cofffee on Shoreline Drive to advertise the three businesses that operate here, Caribou Coffee, Sir Knight Cleaners, and Larsen Chiropractic.

Monument sign in Caribou Parking lot. Note the bike parked here, as there is no bike rack at Caribou.

Here's how the sign looks every time I drive by it. You can't even make out the bottom two business names when you are driving past this business, as the iron wrought fence blocks the view.

Looking at the monument sign from the street.

Who knows what happened here, but it seems to me there's got to be a remedy here... move the fence, or the sign somehow... raise the sign? Either way, it seems to me a terrible disservice to these local businesses that this is allowed to continue.

If this was the city's fault, the property owners here should be working hard with the city to fix this. The city of Mound's staff and city council want local businesses to succeed, and I'm sure would do whatever they could to fix this.

If this was the developers, or property owners fault, those businesses should be raising hell about it. Signs and logos are big investments, and this sign right now, is a big waste of their time and space.

Think about the potential business looking to move to Mound. What would they think if they saw a sign, that wasn't visible to the majority of the people driving past it? It suggests that we plan and build places carelessly, and won't make an effort to fix it.

This also tells people, "Go ahead and drive through here, we don't really care if you to stop."

We're not about casting blame here, we, like anyone else, just wants this fixed. If the city really value local businesses, quick swift action to fix this mistake .

Because we all want Mound to be a place to drive to, not drive through!