Thursday, September 27, 2012

Developing news in Mound

It's been a great couple of days here at "A Place in Mound". I had several people, of whom I had virtually no contact with, sharing compliments of the discussions taking place on this website. It is very gratifying to know that some of what I am trying to write does make sense and rings true for others. It is very energizing when I get that kind of energy.

I hope that if you find value here, that you pass it on to your neighbors and friends. It's not just Mound that is struggling... cities are having a tough time, and ideas that are shared here are ones that could just as easily transpose somewhere else.

I am trying to create one new post everyday. You can get notified of new posts by going to this website everyday, or liking us on Facebook, or submitting your email (on the right hand side of the screen) so you can get notified with new posts, or subscribing to our RSS feed.

Several things have come up that I wanted to get out, so just a few bullet items for your attention today...

  • Word is that in November, the Watertown Pharmacy will be opening a location next to the Ridgeview Clinic in Spring Park.
  • Discussions are still going on with the Westonka Animal Hospital and the potential of them moving to the Commerce location by Jubilee.
  • The Mound City Council revealed Tuesday evening that they are entertaining multiple developers for the Harbor District. Talk and proposals are really ramping up, and discussions include a hotel. "A Place in Mound" will likely have more to say about this in the coming days.
  • The staff of Mound is planning an informational meeting at Al and Alma's on Monday, October 22. Social time at 6:15, and a program at 7:00. If you are interested to attending contact Kandis Hanson at the city to register as space is limited.
  • There is going to be a community meeting called "Heroine: Our Community" on Thursday, November 1st at the Gillespie Center. It is being hosted by most of the cities around Mound, and Westonka schools, and will feature a speaker on Drug Abuse from the Minnesota Department of Human Resources. Parents are especially encouraged to attend.
  • The Westonka Historical Society is hosting a presentation about the history of Mound schools at Minnetonka Shores (formerly Presbyterians Homes) on Saturday, November 10 at 10AM.
Thank you everyone! Let's keep working to make Mound a Place to drive to, not drive through!