Monday, September 3, 2012

A rational response

After the last post about installing a public bike repair station near the trail, I did some soul searching.

I'm an idea guy, and have lots of ideas about how to improve things in Mound, and I will continue to share them here, but everyone must understand I am not, and will not offer a 'solution' to our communities issues. What I offer are rational responses to our current situation.

A response to a need to create a friendly city, Mound installed several benches around downtown. Here's a bench on Bellaire Lane between the library and Jubilee foods. Does anyone ever sit here? Perhaps it was a mistake to build it, but it's failure doesn't ruin the rest of the city.

We are unfortunately bombarded with political messages and messengers filled with absolutes. No one ever gets everything right... I like to just try to be right 50% of the time!

Lost Lake Villas have been started, how do we respond since they haven't been completed? What is the best thing to do? Should we do anything?!

So when we talk about making things better in Mound, we have got to focus on the current situation, and do our best to set up Mound to be successful in the long run. Some will be successful, others will fail. That's ok. That's why here, on "A Place in Mound" we will be focusing on the little things. The ides that are relatively cheap, easy to implement, and make sense. And if our ideas fail, the city doesn't enter a 30 year depression like it's been since the Tonka Toy factory closed.

Something went wrong here long ago, how do we respond to that rationally?  How can Mound be made  to be resilient to future business and planning failures? Because failure will happen again.

There are no solutions to today's situations. Only rational responses.