Thursday, August 2, 2012

Westonka Dog Days

As we said before, it's great when we got things happening on the Greenway near Auditor's Rd. The Mound Farmer's Market is a great example of this. But things get REALLY cooking when Celebrate Greater Mound comes into play!

Dog Days Westonka

On Saturday Aug 19, Celebrate Greater Mound is organizing Dog Days Westonka. I remember when I started seeing the signs last year for this event, and had NO plans to check out the festivities. But that Saturday, I did take my daughters to the Farmers Market, and since everything was set up, we went walking through the booths to check out the sights... I was blown away!

Cute dogs on Auditors!

I'm generally don't like dogs, but my kids LOVE them, and we happened by while the "Cutest Puppy" contest was happening. My kids were right there with all these other kids petting the puppies as they were paraded by, and couldn't have having more fun. I was awestruck at all the people and businesses that were enjoying themselves... it made Auditor's Rd, a great place that morning.

Lots of cool things happening that morning, I have to think the highlight will be the startled faces of the sheep from Gale Woods Farm as they will be meeting REAL sheep herding dogs!

Have fun and "Like" their Facebook page!

So you should definitely stop by Dog Days Saturday, Aug 19. I'll be working the Mini golf event!