Monday, August 6, 2012

A Place on the lake

Often when I talk about Mound to people who may not have even heard of it, if I just mention the Al and Alma Dinner Cruises people will light up, and realize they had been to Mound, to get on Lake Minnetonka via the Dinner Cruise.

Most Minnesotan's often grow up with fond lake experiences of one sort or another, but it's nothing like an experience boating on Lake Minnetonka. After passing through bay after bay, the rider will eventually realize how immense the lake is. Most boaters on the lake end up boating to Fletchers (Spring Park), Maynards (Excelsior) or Wayzata. Anyone who boats on Lake Minnetonka doesn't think about going to Mound.

It's clear there used to be places on Lake Minnetonka in Mound like the old Surfside Casino, and lake hotels. But those have been gone for a long time. 

Lost Lake, Mound, MN

Mound has been desperate to bring the lake community to it's stores and parks, tearing down a huge part of it's old downtown, redirecting a county road, and restoring some gorgeous wetland area and bring new public docks. Unfortunately this all happened right before 2007, and with the economy tanking, Mound sits with a big empty lot right on the lake. It's not much of a place now.

I feel bad for city officials when they get asked about this at meetings. It's clear they want something to happen along Auditor's Rd more than the rest of us I suspect.

There was an article over the weekend in the Star Tribune discussing how many people are attracted to the Minneapolis lakes compared to the suburban parks...
"Runners swarm to the lakes," said Jessie Mosier, assistant manager at the Running Room outlet in Burnsville. Although she loves the options at home in Dakota County, she gets the attraction, including the safety factor: the comfort you feel when there are lots of people around and it isn't just you in the suburban woods.
Is there an opportunity for Mound here?

We have Lost Lake, whose shorelines, for the most park is owned by the city, or the county. In it's Comprehension Plan, the city does have a vision of creating a trail that goes completely around Lost Lake... clearly the Andrew Sisters Trail is a start to this idea. Think of all the wonderful connections a trail like this would make for our city between the Dakota Trail, the new development that will happen along Auditor's Rd, Surfside, the Gillespie Center and businesses and residences along Commerce. All within an pleasant stroll along Lost Lake.

How can we make Mound a Place on the lake?


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