Friday, July 27, 2012

Mound Farmers Market creating a "Place"

Auditors Rd/Greenway, a place waiting for something to happen!
I know many of you share my feelings of frustration when we drive by Auditors Rd. Seeing that big empty field that is meant to be full of new downtown shops, residences and places makes my heart ache.

But when something special happens, like the Mound Farmer Market on this stretch, I always get a big smile. Then on Saturday mornings we get this tantalizing taste of what the potential will be when something is actually built here. People come on purpose to get produce, or some come by happenstance and find treasures for themselves and others. There are smiles, waves, and handshakes all around as people come together at this place.

I imagine there is some frustration for the current businesses on Commerce, who see all that wonderful traffic so close to their own businesses, yet separated less than a hundred feet, and some visual obstacles like Crow River Bank and Mound True Value.

A successful Mound Farmers Market means that people will see Mound as a destination not only for consumers with cash, but local businesses looking to build and expand.

See you Saturday at the Farmers Market!