Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Allowing Street Parking at Surfside

One of the things that Mound needs to have places people will go to. As much as folks mope and complain about nothing happening at Auditor's Rd, and a lack of shopping and eating options, we need to focus, and build on the positive things that are happening now in Mound.

In my mind, the place where some of the best community events happen is Surfside Park and Beach (formerly Mound Bay Park). One of the downsides of this park is the limited parking options. Once the parking lots are full, people are forced to drive two blocks away and park on a street which is not necessarily better for park users.

Suddenly last week, during the centennial celebrations, event staff and vendors were allowed to park on the street next to Surfside. Here is a slideshow showing why street parking should be allowed at Surfside.

Please follow this blog if you want Mound to be a place to drive to, not a place to drive through.